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After many experiences in clinical medicine and now as a provider of the best innovative medical application, we are proud that our partners manufacture precise systems and let us bring them to the Swiss market.

 - Weber Medical (Intravenous and interstitial Laser system)

Intravenous Laser Therapy

In Weber Medical’s intravenous laser therapy, the laser light is placed directly in the blood stream (by a special catheter). This procedure has been performed in the former Soviet Union for more than 30 years, as various in-vitro tests confirm low-intensity laser irradiation of different blood cells triggers a range of positive effects.

Since the development and approval of the Weberneedle® Endolaser in 2005, a large amount of clinical data* has been evaluated, showing a multitude of positive and measurable effects on various disease patterns. Currently, intravenous laser therapy is used successfully in hundreds of clinics worldwide.

* Studies show a variety of positive effects, including a significant improvement in performance, a stronger immune system and a demonstrable reduction of elevated laboratory values in conditions like diabetes or liver disease.

Interstitial and Intra-articular Laser Therapy

Interstitial and intra-articular laser therapy are new techniques (with the use of a sterile catheter) which enable us to direct energy right into the symptomatic area with a two folded effect: A significant reduction in pain intensity in chronic, treatment-resistant syndromes and a sustainable regeneration of the diseased area.

The laser light can now be applied to a depth of up to 12 cm in the tissue, leading to considerably improved therapeutic results.

This new technique allows green and blue lasers (normally absorbed on the surface of the tissue) to be used deep in the tissue to create an anti-inflammatory effect. 

- HPOtech Hyperbaric O2 Chambers with numberless Indication 

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers

URANUS is a modular multi-place hyperbaric chamber. They are extremely efficient rooms with their new generation designs, 1800 mm diameters, 1.5 ATA -2 ATA pressure values, acrylic sliding doors, entertainment systems, O2, CO2, humidity, temperature sensors, and air-cooling systems.

  • They are chambers that can be completely customized thanks to the inner and outer coating left to the customer’s preference.
  • Thanks to PLC automated systems, you can record sessions, verify, use them automatically or manually, and end the session securely.
  • You can use it safely thanks to the internal and external intercom system and safety valves.

With the oxygen concentrator used between 0.8 bar and 3 bar, you can be sure that you will get the most comfortable breath.

Oxygen hyperbaric therapy can promote the healing process in the following diseases: 

Long Covis Syndrom

Demenz und Memory impairment

Acute sudden hearing loss

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus), in selected cases
acute bang and noise injuries of the inner ear
selected problem wounds, especially as a result of circulatory disorders and diabetes mellitus
chronic periosteum, bone inflammation (osteitis, osteomyelitis)
Impaired fracture healing
Contusion injuries, compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic reduced blood flow
Consequential damage caused by radiation treatment on bones, skin and organs
Impaired graft or implant healing
idiopathic facial nerve palsy
Carbon monoxide and smoke poisoning
Gas gangrene, mostly inpatient treatment required
Air/gas embolism, mostly inpatient treatment required
Diving accident (decompression sickness), mostly requiring inpatient treatment
sports injuries
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- BeamMed: sonographic Bone Densitometry

- Diabex Blood glucose sensors 

Environment protective Sensor with précised Blood glucose measurement .